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Vacancies for admission are created due to School Leaving Certificates obtained by different outgoing students, failures and introduction of new classes. Admission to only those students will be granted who secure 50% (Cl I-VIII) and 60% (bd classes) marks in entrance test.
With the exception of transfer cases of respective children of Army personnel, all admissions will be made in the beginning of academic session on a fixed basis/ priority. Ratio of 70:30 will be observed while granting admission to military and civilians, respectively. Vacancies of defence paid civilians will be accounted in 70% of military quota.


Wards will be granted admission as per following priority:-
  • Shuhada
  • War disabled with Class Aye disability.
  • Serving Army personnel of SFN/ ASFC.
  • Retired Army personnel.
  • Serving/ Retired/ Pakistan Air Force/ Navy personnel.
  • Civilian paid out of Defence estimates.
  • Guaranteed admission will be granted to 100% wards of Strategic Force North and Army Strategic Forces Command. In case a student does not qualify test of desired class, he/ she will be offered admission in the lower class.
  • Admission will not be refused to children of serving personnel of Army Public Schools.  For all other candidates, admission will be given in appropriate class after test.
  • Some seats in each class will be kept vacant to cater for transfer case during the year.
  • A waiting list will be maintained and admission to the occurring vacancies will be filled on seniority basis.
  • Admission fee will not be charged from the students migrated from Army Public Schools and Colleges; moreover, half tuition fee of the month will be charged from those students who get admission after 15th of that particular month.
  • Admission will not be refused to Army personnel in the School provided seats are available. In case the applicants are more than the existing vacancies, then the admission will be granted on merit.  Admission form is attached with the prospectus.
  • It has been experienced that most of the students obtain admission in Army Public School and then shift to other School thereby using this School as platform for subsequent admission. A certificate as follows be signed by the parents/ guardians at the time of admission. ‘It is certified that I shall not withdraw my son/ daughter/ ward from Army Public School before minimum period of one year or my posting out of station whichever is earlier. I also certify that I will not interfere in the School affairs concerning the academic plan.
  • Admissions except transfer cases will be closed after 1st term examination so as to maintain the academic standards and attain better results in final examinations.
  • Parent Teacher Meeting be held at least once in a quarter.
  • Written letter will be given to parents on each PTM for weak students
  • Limit of 30 students/ section will be strictly followed. Additional admissions, if necessitated, will be approved as under:-
  • Upto 3 addl students in a section - By CEC (Chairman Executive Committee)
  • More than 3 students - By Chairman GB (Governing Board)